Cytochrome P Four Who? Demystifying Pharmacokinetic Drug Interactions

Stephanie Nichols, PharmD, MPH, BCPP, BCPP, BCPS, FCCP | November 28, 2023

Do you struggle with knowing if a medication interaction is clinically meaningful? Do you get confused about which medications cause interactions and which are simply along for the ride? This session is devoted to reviewing pharmacokinetic CYP450 enzyme and P-glycoprotein transporter interactions using examples that are medications used for psychiatric and substance use disorders. Learners will leave the session with the ability to describe and evaluate specific medication interactions.


  • Describe how pharmacokinetic (PK) parameters are used to assess medication interactions
  • Describe the CYP450 enzymes including common substrates, inhibitors, and inducers, and the expected timeframe of CYP450 enzyme interactions
  • Identify key psych/SUD medications involved in CYP450 enzyme and P-glycoprotein interactions
  • Apply PK and medication interaction knowledge to a patient scenario
Categories: Educational Resources, Provider Information
Tags: video, webinar