Best and Promising Practice | Savida Health OHH Model: Expanding the Boundaries

Join us as Dr. Lisa Letourneau interviews Abbie Rohde (LCSW, CCS, State Behavioral Health Director) and Karen Cole (FNP, CARN-AP) of SaVida Health about their innovative OHH model incorporating co-occurring mental and physical health treatments.

Abbie Rohde, LCSW, CCS

Abbie Rohde, LCSW is currently the Director of Behavioral Health, for SaVida Health Maine. An emerging leader in the world of co-occurring treatment, SaVida Health strives to elevate the standard of care offered to those seeking long term recovery from Opioid Use. Intentionally shifting away the industry standards that largely utilize a groups model, SaVida Health has built a model that recognizes the need for both team support and an individualized approach to treatment.

Having begun her clinical career in the field of children’s services, Abbie personally identified as an affected other, having personal experience attempting to navigate what felt like a scary and unwelcoming world of treatment providers, cloaked in protections, stigma and ignorance. When, in 2017, a local treatment facility, having just received a contract to provide an Opioid Health Home treatment services, sought Abbie to expand treatment beyond the daily dosing involved in a Methadone Maintenance Treatment program, she felt compelled to try. Nearly 3 years later, in the middle of the Covid 19 Pandemic, Abbie was invited by a progressive and new-to -Maine, who declared its commitment to creating the place where you would want your loved one to seek treatment. Known for coining the phrases “sober people problems” and “compassionate accountability”, SaVida Health remains committed to recognizing that its members are more than their struggles with illicit use.

Karen Cole, FNP-C, CARN-AP

Karen was born and raised in Calais, Maine where she continues to practice medicine. She has proudly raised three children, one of whom followed in her footsteps, as a nurse on the Mother/Baby Unit at Maine Medical Center. She now spends all of her free time with her four grandchildren, who keep her very, very busy! Karen’s professional journey has encompassed a variety of avenues however it was not until the Covid Pandemic that she began to give back specifically to her home community. Throughout 2020 and 2021 Karen was working in the Emergency Department of various Maine hospitals and began to truly recognize an increase in both mental health crises as well as illicit substance use and accidental overdoses. While feeling compelled to move in another direction, Karen was contacted by Abbie Rohde, the Director of Behavioral Health and Programing for SaVida Health Maine. Abbie had been developing an Opioid Health Home with an emphasis on both individualized and co-occurring care. Karen’s journey with SaVida Health has been both beautiful and difficult, full of hope and tragedy; however, the moment when one of her patients turns the corner into recovery is beautiful. As SaVida Health continues to expand its model across the state, serving members from rural Millinocket Maine all the way south to Sanford, the opportunity for more beautiful moments is emergent.

About SaVida Health:

SaVida Health provides outpatient, medication-assisted treatment for opioid and alcohol use disorders offering evidence-based, integrated treatment including counseling, case management, medical care and toxicology testing. Services they offer in Maine are in Biddeford, Bangor, Calais, Lincoln and Millinocket. They also provide services in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Virginia, Delaware, and Tennessee.


Oct 31 2023


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Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine


Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine

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