Adding Fentanyl Testing to Hospital Toxicology Assays

Speakers: Alane O’Connor, DNP, Robert Carlson, MD, and Scoott Lowell, MHA, MLS (ASCP)

This webinar will provide an overview of the guidance released by the Maine Opioid Response Clinical Advisory Committee to hospital leadership, substance use treatment providers, and pharmacy communities regarding recommendations for adding fentanyl testing to routine hospital toxicology testing. From the guidance document: ‘Despite the increased prevalence of fentanyl and related complications, not all healthcare facilities or providers of laboratory services in Maine currently employ toxicology testing that includes an assay for fentanyl.’ See the link below to read the rest of the statement and recommendations:

Fentanyl Testing in Hospitals: Maine Opioid Response Clinical Advisory Committee Position Statement | August 2023

Presenters will:

  • Promote the recommendation of the Maine Opioid Response Clinical Advisory Committee (per the above-linked document) that hospitals add fentanyl testing to their routine toxicology testing panels
  • Help to answer questions and clarify any confusion in the hospital, provider, and pharmacy communities about the need to have this type of testing routinely available in hospitals
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