Cannabis Use and Psychosis in Adolescents

November 29, 2023 | Amy M. Mayhew, MD, MPH

This presentation will investigate cannabis use among adolescents and the associated risk factors for developing psychotic symptoms or a psychotic illness during adolescence. We will explore the impact of high-potency THC, the common perception of these substances as ‘natural’ and harmless, as well as the dose-dependent relationship between THC use and the development of psychosis.


  • Evaluate some data about current substance use among adolescents
  • Recognize some of the processes that THC and CBD influence natural cannabinoid receptors in the body
  • Explore one theory of how THC may create a predisposition to psychosis
  • Examine how tobacco and cannabis industries are influencing adolescent behaviors
  • Analyze some case examples of cannabis use and development of psychosis and psychotic illness
Categories: Adolescence, Cannabis, Educational Resources, Provider Information
Tags: video, webinar