Urine Toxicology Testing in Substance Use Disorder Treatment

December 12, 2022 | Dr. Alane O’Connor, DNP

Urine toxicology testing can be a useful tool in clinical decision making when caring for patients with substance use disorders. It is critical for providers to be familiar with the pros and cons of various types of testing and to be skilled in interpreting the results.


  • Review essential concepts in urine toxicology testing including testing methods, specimen validity measures, windows of detection and cut-off concentrations.
  • Discuss toxicology testing in the context of substance use disorder treatment including monitoring for prescription medication use and/or returns to use as well as how to talk with patients about drug testing.
  • Learn how to interpret urine toxicology results including unexpectedly positive/negative specimens.
  • Examine strategies for caring for special populations including those who are engaged with the child welfare and criminal justice systems.
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