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Join the ME SUD Learning Community for Dr. Gilmore Chung’s presentation “Reducing Barriers to Care for Patients with Substance Use Disorders” from April 9, 2024.

Project ECHO


Join the ME SUD Learning Community for the Project ECHO series Ambulatory EtOH Withdrawal Management and Treatment for Dr. David Lawrence’s presentation “Complex Withdrawal Management with Multiple Substances, Including Alcohol.

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Stimulant Treatment for Adult ADHD: Applying the Evidence to People with SUDs | Leah Bauer, MD, FASAM and Andrea Truncali, MD, MPH | March 12, 2024

There have been increasing rates of ADHD treatment nationwide, with non-expert providers becoming increasingly involved in diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, ADHD disproportionately affects people with substance use disorders and greatly increases the potential risk for developing, activating, or continuing a stimulant use disorder. In this presentation, we will explore the diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD alongside substance use disorder.


  • Raise awareness of the complexity of ADHD diagnosis
  • Understand evidence or treatment of adult ADHD alone and with SUD
  • Understand the potential harms of treating adult ADHD with stimulant medication
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Best and Promising Practice


Join the ME SUD Learning Community for the Best and Promising Practices Interview of Dr. David Kispert by Dr. Lisa Letourneau on March 27, 2024.