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November 30, 2022 | Kinna Thakarar

Learning objectives:

    • Review harm reduction approaches
    • Understand the roles of syringe service programs
    • Understand how to incorporate harm reduction principles in your current work with people who use drugs

Best and Promising Practice


Promising Practice Series: 30-minute Talks with Dr. Lisa Letourneau and Maine leaders

Maine Leaders

Jacob Crothers, MD
Dr. Gus Crothers is an addiction medicine specialist and the Chief Outcomes and Medical Officer of Groups Recover Together where he is accountable for the design of the care-delivery model and the outcomes it achieves for community stakeholders, health plan stakeholders, and patients. Gus enjoys leading organizations that use technology and creative delivery models to expand access to high quality care for underserved populations. Gus was born and raised in Portland Maine and returned to Maine in 2016 after venturing as far south as Connecticut.

Rhonda P. Selvin, FNP
Rhonda Selvin is a family nurse practitioner currently working in Addiction medicine at Groups Recover Together where she serves as the New England Regional Medical Director and helps to develop patient care services. She has many years of experience in ME as a primary care provider for folks and their families across generations and has a passion for individualized whole person care. She has experience working to integrate BH and SUD care into the primary care office and has served as the clinical consult to ME Care Health Homes.