Xylazine and Wound Care

Xylazine 101 | Cara Zimmerman, MD, MBA | November 7, 2023

This training is all about equipping participants to confidently counsel their patients on the risks associated with xylazine, a concerning addition to the white powder drug supply. The focus is on harm reduction for individuals with substance use disorders, emphasizing the importance of supporting those who may not be ready for complete abstinence. The objectives include understanding the appropriate use (or lack thereof) of xylazine in humans, recognizing its street names, exploring its prevalence in Rhode Island, learning effective communication strategies with clients about xylazine, identifying signs of overdose, and discussing harm reduction practices such as wound care and safe injection techniques.

Harm Reduction 2.0: Unsafe Supply: Clinical Practice Implications and Future Directions | Anna McConnell, FNP-BC, and Kinna Thakarar, DO | June 7, 2023

Join Anna McConnell, FNP-BC, and Kinna Thakarar, DO, for Unsafe Supply: Clinical Practice Implications & Future Directions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the epidemiology of overdoses and infectious complications of substance use in Maine
  2. Recognize the significance of unsafe supply, with contaminants such as xylazine, and its clinical implications
  3. Identify opportunities to advocate for safe supply, such as community drug checking programs